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4L specializes in roofing and construction

Choosing a construction company or roofing contractor can be overwhelming. With so many choices, who’s right for you?

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From small to large scale projects, we are detail-oriented and focused on your satisfaction


Every customer can trust that we deliver on our promises. Every job we do is an audition for the next one.


4L Roofing & Construction is a local, family owned and operated business. We’re passionate about building a sustainable, family-run company for generations to come.


We want to live, and raise our children, in a great community. We participate in and support local causes – always striving to make East Texas a better place.

Our experience matters, our character matters, our personality matters. Results matter most.

Customer service, satisfaction, and affordable rates are where we excel. We consider long-term goals, not cutting corners and making a quick buck.

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©2021, 4L Roofing & Construction. All Rights Reserved.

©2021, 4L Roofing & Construction. All Rights Reserved.

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